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A quick installation test on Karaf showed the following behaviour:

karaf@root> features:list | grep camel-extra
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-couchbase                         camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-db4o                              camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-esper                             camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-exist                             camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-hibernate                         camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-jboss                             camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-jboss6                            camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-jcifs                             camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-rcode                             camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-spring-neo4j                      camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-virtualbox                        camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-vtdxml                            camel-extra-2.13.2     
[installed  ] [2.13.2         ] camel-zeromq                            camel-extra-2.13.2   

So, I’d consider it as the installation goes through.



On 14 Sep 2014, at 13:28, cemmersb [via camel-extra] <[hidden email]> wrote:


I am happy to announce Camel-Extra is up for vote:

Beside the support for camel 2.13.2, the latest release candidate incorporates some bug fixes and enhancements:

(1) WAR support for jboss 6 class loader
(2) Fix for Esper route restart errors

For further information, please refer to the release notes and the JIRA Issue tracker.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the release, especially to those of you, that are raising issues and providing thoughts on how to enhance the project.

Please vote to approve this release:

[ ] +1 Approve the release
[ ] -1 Veto the release (please provide specific comments)

This vote will be open for 72 hours.

Git tag:

Staging repo:



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